We're an Eco Friendly Tile Store

Eco Friendly Approval

Tileology supports green practices in a variety of ways throughout our operation including choosing manufacturers with a commitment to environmental stewardship, waste reduction and recycling.


Many of our manufacturers are dedicated to environmental stewardship, working to transform waste materials into production materials for porcelain and glass tile. For example, certain glass tiles use pre-consumer, post-industrial and post-consumer materials such as recycled bottle glass. Some of these waste products would otherwise end up in landfills. In addition, porcelain tiles are manufactured using natural resources, primarily clay. Some glass tiles are also manufactured using the abundant natural resource, silica sand.

Energy Savings

Our manufacturers utilize production methods with measurable goals for reducing energy consumption, re-using scrap materials and eliminating waste.


We have completed many commercial projects using green products which contribute greatly to the contractor and owner's earning LEED points for ceramic tile and glass tile products with recycled content.

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