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Ceramic & Stone Tile Installation

Tile Placement

Experience Makes a Difference

The installation of your ceramic tile or stone tile can be as important, or even more important than the selection of the material itself. While some tile projects can lend themselves to the do-it-yourself type of person, others are best suited for a professional journeyed mechanic. Proper installation of tile, like many other construction trades, requires the use of proper tooling and materials. There have been and continue to be many improvements and innovations in tools in the past decade that allow the mechanic to achieve the perfect installation.

Setting Materials & Substrates

The setting materials and substrates are critical. There are a wide variety of thinset mortars and adhesives to choose depending on the type of surface that you are setting over as well as job site conditions. Selecting the proper mortars, adhesives and substrates will ensure a tile installation in Lancaster, PA that will last a lifetime. Our installers will ensure the best setting materials are used for perfect results that last.

Clearing Grout


There are an abundance of options available for grouting your tile or stone tile project. Most grouts are cement based and fortified with latex or acrylic additives to provide added strength, durability, color retention and resistance to stain-causing mold and mildew. The selection of grout colors is so vast that you can pick the exact hue to match your tile or stone. The highest performance grade of grout available is the two-part epoxy grouts. Epoxy type grouts are practically stain-proof and offer the best color uniformity and durability.

Heated Floors

Adding in-floor radiant electric or hot water heat below your tile or stone floor has become more and more popular. The most common type of radiant floor heat is electric heat mats. Electric heat mats are installed as part of your tile or stone floor substrate. The typical electric heat mat acts like an electric blanket for your tile or stone floor. They consist of electric wire that is embedded in a very thin fiberglass type mesh. The wire mesh mat is mortared down onto the tile or stone substrate and then a thin flash coating of mortar is applied over the entire mat to provide protection during the tile installation. The electric mat is connected to a programmable thermostat so that you can have the floor warmed up and then turned off during different hours of the day and night. The tile floor heats up to reach a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees. The comfort of a warm tile or stone floor defies description.

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Care & Maintenance

Tile and stone floors require different care and maintenance programs.

Cleaning your tiles

Newly Installed Cement-Based Grout

Newly installed tile floors with a cement-based grout need to be sealed with a silicone based penetrating sealer upon installation. The sealer will provide resistance to staining and liquid penetration.

Porcelain Tiles

Today's high density porcelain tiles provide an extremely durable surface with very low water absorption, so they do not require sealing. Routine maintenance for porcelain tile is simple, only requiring wiping with a damp mop and also an occasional mopping with a mild detergent.

Stone Floors

Stone floors are sealed upon installation with either a silicone based penetrating sealer or an acrylic based topical sealer, depending on the stone type. Stone floors with a silicone based penetrating sealer will require a heavy duty cleaning and re-sealing every three to five years, depending on the amount of traffic. Stone floors with a topical acrylic based sealer will also need to be stripped and re-sealed every three to five years based on traffic. For best results, consult your professional installer for the occasional re-sealing of stone floors.

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