Design a Creative Wall Accent or Stunning Backsplash with Metal Tile

When you want to add a trendy look to your home that will last for decades, choose the glamour of metal tiles from Tileology! With a two-story showroom conveniently located near you in Lancaster, PA, we have the metal tile backsplash or wall tile you want to get the home design of your dreams.

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A kitchen with white cabinets and a metal tile backsplash.

What Is Metal Tile?

Metal tile is a type of tile for your home or business made from various alloys. Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication or a funky accent piece, high-quality tiles made from metal have the versatility you want. Homeowners in Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York, PA, choose metal for their backsplash tile, the fronts of home bars, kitchen island counters, wall accents, and more.

Metal tile might suit your home if you want a more contemporary kitchen by adding stainless steel metal tile countertops or creating an art-deco vibe in your bathroom with a copper backsplash. If your home has a lot of wood, metal is the perfect addition to give your space the balance it needs.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Metal Tile?

A metal tile backsplash adds versatility, sophistication, and modern or retro appeal, depending on the type of tile you choose. The most popular types of metal used in tiles for the home include copper, aluminum, tin, and stainless steel.

A copper backsplash in a kitchen with chocolate-colored cabinets and a faucet.


Copper is a beautiful material to use for tile in your home. Whether your design is modern, retro, or rustic, copper tiles are the perfect addition to cap your design plans. Create a clean and fresh look in your modern kitchen with a copper metal backsplash against white cabinets and stainless steel pendant lights. Or, for a more sleek look, pair it with dark cabinets and copper accessories.

Hexagonal aluminum tiles.


A rising star in popularity, aluminum tile is an excellent alternative to stainless steel and makes an stunning tile for a featured wall. With a more contemporary appeal than other types of metal, aluminum tiles come in various types, including mosaic tile sheets that you can peel and stick to your wall. Whether textured or flat, aluminum tile can surely give your home the style you want.

Nineteenth-century embossed tin ceiling tiles.


With various patterns available, tin tile can take any ordinary room and make it extraordinary! Whether you're looking for a modern backsplash for your kitchen or a subway tile for your living room walls, tin backsplashes and tiles can add a dramatic flair or subtle accent. Try using it on your ceilings for a truly unique look that is lightweight, fireproof, and durable.

An empty room with a white polished marble floor and stainless-steel wall tile.


Stainless steel has been a favorite in kitchen appliances for decades, but it also has its place in kitchen backsplashes, countertops, cabinets, and more. The patterns available in stainless steel backsplashes are only limited by your imagination, and this easy-to-clean material is ideal for many purposes. Depending on its finish, it can make any room feel industrial, modern, and even rustic.

Are You Ready to Have the Tile You've Always Wanted?

Whether you're looking for metal, porcelain, travertine, stone, or glass tile, Tileology has the product for you! Contact our design experts today to get the tile that perfectly matches your interior design!

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What Are the Benefits of Metal Tile?

Beyond the benefit of adding beauty, elegance, and glamour to your home, metal tiles are a fantastic option for home decorators who want a unique design element that no one else has. For an easy-to-install tile with various color options and patterns at an affordable price, metal is the way to go for savvy homeowners.

A professional installer uses a leveling system to install metal tiles.


Metal tiles are easy to install, especially for the right professional tile installer. Even if you are a pretty handy, do-it-yourself type person, but installing your modern backsplash is best left to the professionals at Tileology. We'll save you the hassle by installing your metal tile properly with the right tools and materials.

Diamond-shaped wall tile made from copper and other types of metal.


You may think of a silver-hued, sterile-looking tile when you think of metal. However, metal tiles come in assorted colors, shapes, and patterns, so you aren't limited by color or feel. Whether you're looking for a fashionable design with retro vibes or a more modern aesthetic, you can find exactly the right choice in our wide selection of metal tiles.

Metals in copper, gold, and black shades are used in hexagon-shaped tiles.


Metal is one of the most inexpensive materials used in tiles. With little upkeep required, they remain one of the lowest-cost tiles throughout their lifetime. In addition, since they are easy to clean and pre-treated to prevent rust or oxidation, metal can last for years and provide a fireproof option for kitchen backsplashes behind a stove or oven.

Ready to Have Metal Tile Installed in Your Home?

For homeowners in the Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York areas of Pennsylvania, metal tiles provide an affordable, easy-to-clean, and versatile material to add to any room. Whether you want to add a modern backsplash to your kitchen or a unique feature to your wall or ceiling, copper, aluminum, tin, and stainless-steel tiles are up for the job.


With a two-story showroom located just off route 30 in Lancaster, PA, Tileology is the best place in Central PA for all your tile needs! Metal tiles can provide that much-needed dimension to your home, giving your space a unique, balanced feel. Get in touch with our design experts today to schedule your tile design appointment and browse our massive selection of metal tile backsplashes.

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