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What is Slate Tile?

Slate is a beautiful, natural stone usually formed in the mountains over long periods. It's a metamorphic rock comprised of several minerals and sediments, like quartz, mica, chlorite, hematite, and more. Over time, these elements are compressed by heat and pressure until they form a fine grain stone known as slate.

Quarries then remove slate from the earth in large slabs, which are then sliced into tiles. It's typically black, gray, and dark green but can have hints of red, purple, blue, and gold.

The Different Types of Slate Tile

Slate is a highly versatile material. You can use it in a variety of home renovation projects, from flooring to backsplashes and showers to mudrooms, as an accent piece, or a primary design focus. Depending on your home's aesthetic and where you're placing your tile, you may want to choose from these four popular types of slate stones for your next project.

Cleft slate tile on a floor shows the variations of color and design possibilities of slate.

Cleft Slate Tile

Consider cleft slate tile if you're looking for a more natural aesthetic for your floor or wall tile. This type of stone tile has a smooth back, but the showing surface is unrefined. The uneven surface gives it more grip than other tiles, making it perfect for wet environments like bathrooms.

Tumbled slate tile on a floor with three lit candles on it.

Tumbled Slate Tile

Homes with a more rustic feel may want to choose tumbled slate tile. When gently tumbled with sand, pebbles, and water, the slate looks more worn, thus creating tumbled slate tile. The antique finish is trendy for kitchen backsplashes and shower accents. It also makes a stunning floor tile.

Honed slate tile in navy blue with accent pieces decorate a wall cap.

Honed Slate Tile

For a smooth, matte finish on both sides of the stone tile, choose a honed slate. With a similar feel to granite or marble without a glossy finish, it can give your home a modern or minimalist appearance. The smooth finish can get slippery, so use honed slate for wall tile and backsplashes.

Polished slate tile adds an elegant feel to this remodeled kitchen.

Polished Slate Tile

Polished slate tile takes the honed slate a step further in shine. Its smooth, shiny appearance can look like marble, giving your home a touch of sophistication. Since slate isn't meant to be glossy, finding polished slate tile can be difficult. Contact Tileology, a better slate tile store near you, to find out more.

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The Benefits of Using Slate Tile in Your Home

Using slate in your home has many outstanding benefits. Its multi-color appearance is beautiful in any location, adding elegance and sophistication to your home. In addition, installing slate tile can increase your home's real estate value. Beyond its aesthetics and value, slate is known for its strength, water resistance, and the natural ambiance it promotes.

Slate tile is used to frame a backyard firepit.

Amazingly Strong

Slate is often used as a roofing material, and you know if it can withstand all that Mother Nature dishes out, it's sure to uphold as a strong flooring material. Slate tile flooring can withstand areas with high foot traffic and homes with dogs and cats.

A man shampoos his hair in a shower lined with slate tile.

Extremely Waterproof

Slate tile is highly versatile. It can work in nearly any room of your home, including ones that frequently encounter water, like mudrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Its water resistance makes it the perfect natural stone inside your shower.

A slate quarry in Spain surrounded by green hills.

Natural Material

Natural stone tiles are a beautiful addition to any home. With endless patterns, this raw material is perfect as an accent or the main attraction for your kitchen or bathroom floors. Tileology is your resource for a fantastic variety of easy-care natural slate tile.

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